We endeavor to create an innovative setting that favours free brainstorming. Our target is the excellence of our projects. We are committed to the space of our interventions. We strongly believe that the quality of our surroundings has a great influence on our living standards.

In the approach to every project there is a marked presence of the characteristics, features and technological possibilities of the place, and of course, in its core, the user.

Architects José María Casal and Gabriel Etchepare are at the front of an interdisciplinary team that works in the entire process: from the selection of the land to the final supervision of every detail of buildings. Thanks to this practice, the creative process embraces different perspectives, and technical solutions serve our comprehensive vision of architecture


Architecture projects

Our great motivation is architecture project design. Thus, the core of our work has been developed in:
Single-family homes
Residential buildings
Offices and corporate buildings

Construction documents

Good construction documents are essential to complete a quality work efficiently, timely and within the adequate costs. To this end, all technical issues should be mastered and the necessary information to prepare the budget and construct the work should be systematically available. We have undertaken this task in some extremely complex projects, and think this is an achievement that adds value to our work.

Comprehensive real estate development

For the past 7 years we have been devoted to architecture projects but have also undertaken the executive management of a large number of real estate developments.
- Advice on land selection and purchase.
- Preparation of detailed business plans.
- Comprehensive management of real estate or hotel developments from the start until the work is complete and operative.
- Advice to clients on how to market their projects.

Construction work management

Completion of works depends both on good projects and excellent construction work management. We have a dedicated and professional team that meets these requirements by far.


Your place to live is your best investment