We are a team of architects based in Uruguay and Paraguay, who have been engaged in architectural design for the past 20 years.
At the time of designing architecture projects our priority is to synthesize the needs of our clients and integrate them into the environment in an ongoing search for defining and creating quality spaces.
Our professional work has been mainly focused on multiple-scale residential architecture, corporate buildings and hotels.
From the very beginning of a project our architects have the support of consultants in different areas, who contribute their knowledge and innovative capacity. This practice is intended to achieve top-quality work through a rational and efficient use of resources.
We are an architecture studio that intends to find in each and every project a reason to investigate, to think and to find the best solution to the hard challenge of envisioning, designing and building.

Our team

Arch. José María Casal
Arch. Gabriel Etchepare
Arch. Álvaro González
Arch. Estefanía Canoniero
Eng. Sebastián Falduto
Arch. Giselle Gardel
Arch. Karina Aguerre
Arch. José Marzaroli
Andrea López
Daniel Goyburú

Participated in our projects

Arch. Gabriela Torres
Arch. Lilián Atijas 
Arch. Antonio Loureiro
Daniel Pacilio
Arch. Luciano López
Victoria Dobal
Lucia Bologna
Arch. Natalia Novelli
Arq. Leticia Benza

Consultants and collaborators

Eng. Marzio Marella
Eng. Armando Stescovich
Arch. Blanca Viera
Eng. Patricia Viera
MPR Project Management
Eng. Ricardo Montandón
Eng. Eduardo Rovira
Sergio Casanova
Adolfo Alhers
8M Estudio
Agronomist Ricardo Zunino
Eng. Andrés Liguori
Jorge Lazo
Jorge Cousillas
Arch. Martín Cagno
Arch. Agustina Barrabino
Arch. Ana Pertzel
Arch. José Luis Sancho
Arch. Patricia Flores


Architecture projects

Our great motivation is architecture project design:
Single-family homes
Residential buildings
Offices and corporate buildings

Construction documents

Good construction documents are essential to complete a quality work efficiently, timely and within the adequate costs.

Construction work management

Completion of works depends both on good projects and excellent construction work management. We have a dedicated and professional team that meets these requirements by far.